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M grund Social Housing

best architects 19

multi-family homes


Vienna / Austria


Wolfgang Herbst


Urban Concept 

The introverted structure of the building is the answer to the heterogeneous structure of the surroundings. With clear edges in the North, East and West, the area opens up to the South to a clear landscape. Two courtyard houses build the urban space sequence and create a relationship overlooking the South. Cuts, openings and big windows structure the West, North and East edges creating a dialogue with the surrounding urban space. 


Building Structure 

The room modules, the width of the rooms and the depth of the structure create a simple, but very lively space complex. The access balcony, which is detached from the façade, also serves as a communication and meeting space. The transparent façade with its big and small openings offers exciting special sequences, changing perspectives and different views. Within the complex, the court house takes up free space just for itself. The access balcony connects the three main buildings and allows exciting views an one-of-a-kind living atmosphere. 


Apartment Structure 

The changeable space structure ensures openness and dynamic that meets various living demands. The modular, economically optimized structure encourages diversity. B-type apartments can be put together into bigger flats, each with a complete full-size sanitary unit, without the necessity of creating extra infrastructure for such bigger apartments. 



There are two different façade structures that accompany two contents behind it. The «curtain» is a transparent skin by the access balcony, contains bigger and smaller openings which allow different view sequences, as well as enough natural light to get through. The room modules with or without a loggia, which are differently organized in terms of the ground plan, create an irregular but in itself coherent pattern.