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Residential complex / Wülflingen

best architects 19

multi-family homes


Winterthur / Switzerland


Kuster Frey


The original undercut slope of the Töss riverside divides the approximately 20,000-square-meter property into two different levels. On both levels stand two angled building volumes, which enclose a shared courtyard. A scattered group of trees accompanies a public footpath along the hill. Along the way, the path widens and leads to the more private residential courtyards, which lend the complex its distinctive identity. The structure of the ensemble welcomes views from all sides into the residential courtyards. Offsets created by balconies and projecting pavilions break up the ensemble into simple volumes and interlink them with the surroundings. The façades of concrete and engineering brick are articulated in a strong relief, lending the development an animated character. The flats on the street side have a generous south-west-facing living space. The stairwell and bathroom units are arranged efficiently in the core. In the middle, the living space and dining room fill the length of the floor plan, looking out to both courtyards at either end. The bathrooms are likewise arranged façade to façade, separating the living area from the bedrooms.