ARGE HAGMANNAREAL / weberbrunner architekten / soppelsa architekten: Hagmannareal Winterthur - best architects 19 in gold

ARGE HAGMANNAREAL / weberbrunner architekten / soppelsa architekten

Hagmannareal Winterthur

best architects 19 in gold

multi-family homes


Winterthur / Switzerland


Georg Aerni


The plot of land near the Winterthur-Seen (Lakes) train station, owned for decades by the Hagmann family, displays a distinctive topography. It can be divided into three sections: a higher area in the south-east, an incline sloping down in the north-west direction and a low-lying area along Grundstrasse. As the clients for the project had deep roots in this district, the planners saw to it that the new complex would preserve both the identity and the basic qualities of the surroundings. This was achieved by limiting the volumes in the areas above and below the slope. The hillside itself can thus serve as a generous outdoor space for use by residents of the new housing development. The existing commercial building on the site was integrated into the new residential project. A joint medical practice in the new building complements the ensemble, creating a vibrant mixed-use setting in which to live and work. 


In the first building phase, 50 rental flats were realised on the construction field on Arbergstrasse. The building has an inner courtyard that creates a semi-public meeting place contrasting with the private outdoor spaces. A layer of verandas on the courtyard façade serves as a filter between courtyard and living rooms. With its staggered heights, the building responds to the topography, the varying neighbouring uses and the noise coming from the trains next door. The residential building in hybrid timber/concrete construction complies with the guidelines of the SIA Energy Efficiency Path (2000-Watt Society).