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Pavillons Hilti

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Zurich / Switzerland


Walter Mair


The company headquarters of the Hilti company, located in Schaan, Lichtenstein, has grown and developed since the 1970s, comprising low production halls built early on, the main building and the new Innovation Centre, which is set on Feldkirchstrasse opposite the rest of the company complex. In front of the existing buildings are grounds that were until recently used for plant operations. With the renovation of the main building, however, the delivery and goods transport zones were relocated and these exterior spaces were freed up to create a more imposing access area to the main building as well as meeting areas for the staff. This section of the grounds has now been terraced and reflecting pools and stands of trees added, joined by two pavilions arranged as accents providing serene, half-shaded open-air lounges furnished with bistro tables. The pavilions are conceived as skeleton structures of slender concrete ribs. The ribs have cross-section measuring 6 by 37 centimetres. They are up to 5 metres high and span ceiling widths up to 7 metres. The partial cassette structure of the ceilings gives them a high degree of rigidity approaching that of a flat closed ceiling. The vertical ribs were prefabricated out of pale concrete and the ceiling constructed from in-situ concrete. Trees and plantings entwine with and interpenetrate the pavilions. With their simplicity and directness, the pavilions give the impression of multifaceted sculptures made of light and shadow.