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Farmhouse M1

best architects 18

single family homes


Jois / Burgenland / Austria


Philipp Kreidl


A small farmhouse on the main street in the town of Jois in the Austrian state of Burgenland was converted into a comfortable home incorporating the barn at the end of the plot. During the planning stage, the main focus lay on the one hand on the dialogue between old and new elements, and on the other on the spatial interplay between the house and the courtyard, as well as the different existing levels. For example, a beamed ceiling in the new guest room as well as the roof structure in the space above the kitchen and living room were retained and integrated into the modern design. Elements such as windows, doors, flooring and furniture are all made of oak in order to ensure that old and new would exist side by side in harmony. The entire front of the barn – which was completely gutted – can be opened up to reveal a swimming pool. A box in wood-frame construction projecting from the barn has a cladding of anthracite-coloured three-ply panels. The interior was fully lined with box plywood in such a way that the beams of the old roof timbering are visible against the wall panels. Overall, the renovation project has enhanced the quality of the living space by incorporating existing structures, such as the wooden constructions and the former smoking oven, now used as a stairwell. The spatial arrangement is characterised by reduced material variety, and as a “house within a house concept” the new building offers additional space for guests in an exceptional room flooded with natural light.