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Rambert Hut

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Leytron / Switzerland



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The Rambert Hut is located 2,580 metres above sea level on the Tour des Muverans trail. Occupying a ledge on the southern flank of the Grand Muveran mountain, the hut, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Swiss Alpine Club’s Diablerets section, was built during the 1950s according to a traditional design, its volumes surmounted by a dual-pitched roof which is perpendicular to the slope, its stone walls sporting windows with shutters painted red and white.  


The intervention consisted of a remodelling of the major spaces, dining area and dormitories in the old hut to preserve its substance, and an extension to house all the functions it lacked. Adjoining the north façade, the timber-framed, wood-floored addition comprises volumes on three levels and calls to mind a compact, functional rucksack housing the hut’s administrative functions, fuel store, sanitary facilities and the private quarters of the warden. The two roofs, every façade of the extension, and the doors and shutters are clad in profiled and polished stainless steel sheeting. The roof harvests water, which is stored in tanks located on the top storey. The new annex also features thermal and photovoltaic solar panels in support of the hut’s energy self-sufficiency. The refurbishment of the old hut has improved its thermal insulation performance and allowed the internal cladding to be renewed using fir wood panels. The dining area offers enhanced views of the alpine panorama thanks to the creation of a large horizontal window.