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twisted / holiday apartments s on the plose

best architects 18

single family homes


Kreuztal / Plose / Italy


Gustav Willeit


The project, which comprises five holiday apartments rotated around a shared courtyard, attempts to become one with the local conditions, the landscape and the town. To blend in with the other houses in the neighbourhood, the traditional materials of stone and wood were chosen: natural stone for the base and quartered logs for the façades. Set on a hillside, the building clings to the slope and then angles away again where it meets the edge – generating an alternating merging into and emerging from the topography, a twisting movement. The house’s positioning along the road creates a sheltered courtyard garden to the rear, with views towards a clearing, a tranquil natural setting. The upper part of the building, executed in wood, is placed atop a stone base (the garage) and echoes in its height and configuration the surrounding roof landscape. The house deliberately seeks out unobstructed views between the neighbouring structures, freeing up distant vistas onto the landscape. This results in a movement, a dynamic that integrates the surroundings without compromising the visibility of or views from the neighbouring houses.