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Büro-und Geschäftshaus Deutsch-Wagram

best architects 18

office/administrative buildings


Deutsch-Wagram / Austria




Paul Bauer


A site formerly belonging to the Austrian Federal Railways, located in an industrial estate and directly adjacent to the Deutsch-Wagram station (built in 1837 to inaugurate the first Austrian railway line), has been developed into a prime example of added value. The tiered artificial mountain accommodates a variety of uses: a bakery and several small shops and services on the ground floor, mainly offices of different sizes on the upper floors and at the top a restaurant with panoramic views. The whole is crowned with an unexpected public park on the roof, which features panels providing information on the history of the region.  


Access is gained via a sprawling »titanic« outdoor staircase, or more conventionally indoors via the lift. The wide terraces serve as walkways as well as recreational areas and outdoor workspaces for the functions inside. Outdoor lighting follows the Calvary-like paths to the top. The original façade solution with cladding of wavy soundproofing stone was replaced for cost reasons with cavity wall construction like that commonly used in domestic cellars, which here is piled up to generate a strong tectonic effect with a Stonehenge-like character. Seen from afar, the building offers diverse silhouettes, looking different from every side.