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Christuskirche Bruchhof-Sanddorf

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Homburg / Germany



The Protestant parish serves the two Homburg city districts of Bruchhof and Sanddorf. Christ Church, built in 1928 by the architect Friedrich Larouette from Frankenthal, stands in an idyllic woodland setting on the border between the two districts. A parish hall known as the »Wichernheim« was also part of the church complex until the end of 2014. Due to the decline in parish revenues, however, the building could no longer be maintained. The presbytery therefore decided to convert the church interior for multiple uses. A conversion concept was devised that is as simple as it is logical: The liturgical area was reduced in size and rotated ninety degrees, a second gallery was added to the existing one, and an older entrance was reopened. The space where church services are held is now perpendicular to the entrance, dividing the interior into two areas: the vestibule with main entrance and toilet as well as the parish hall, which is now located approximately where the altar used to be. Thanks to a reopened side entrance, this space can be used separately for parish meetings, courses or confirmation classes, and also offers a kitchen. Although only a budget of 300,000 euros was available for the conversion, the church now has new premises that are dignified and inviting.