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Marazzi + Paul Architekten rychener zeltner Architekten

Boathouse in Hilterfingen

best architects 18

single family homes


Hilterfingen / Switzerland


Marazzi + Paul


The boathouse is situated between the banks of Lake Thun and a busy street. Inspired by the architecture of the surrounding buildings, a new interpretation of their typical design elements emerged. The minimalist geometry, emphasised by the classic saddle roof and the distinct building shape, is characteristic for timber construction, in this case carried out using modular elements. Classic wood shingles for the façade and slate shingles for the roof were chosen to create a harmonious look. The overall dark tone of all the exterior materials further supports this design idea. When the shingle-covered shutters are closed, the building gives a self-contained impression that accentuates its sculptural character. Upon their return, the inhabitants open the flush shutters, signalling their presence. The formerly introverted, seemingly unoccupied house then opens up generously to the outside, offering panoramic views of the lake and mountains. Inside, warm wood tones dominate, creating a cosy domestic atmosphere. Due to the relatively confined interior spaces, the built-in wood furniture has been designed to perform multiple functions: storage, sitting and more.