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Ludescher + Lutz Architekten

Jagd- und Forsthaus

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Tannau / Germany


Elmar Ludescher


Anyone travelling through this area, whether on foot, bicycle or by car, will experience a landscape marked by alternating crests and troughs formed by meadows, groves, orchards and gardens, with the inhabitants populating small hamlets and villages. Nothing in this landscape is boring, nothing is monumental. One of the few structural highlights is the Tettnanger Forest, the eastern-most woodland in the Baden-Württemberg State Forests, administered from the town of Freiburg im Breisgau. The day-to-day management of this forest area is carried out from nearby Friedrichshafen. The forestry workers formerly had at their disposal several dilapidated cabins used for parking vehicles, storing machines and lumber, as well as sheltering workers from the elements during their breaks. All of these functions, along with a game collecting centre, a refrigeration room for game, were now to be brought together in a new building. The design combines these functions in a compact volume, assigning each area to a different side of the house. Each side has its own recessed loggia. The eaves of the roof are flush with the outer walls to give the building a tidy impression. A special feature is the cosy lounge area for employees, with an open log fireplace. To emphasise this inviting quality, the chimney is staged as a sign visible from far and wide.