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SMART housing development / Main Station / Sonnwendviertel

best architects 18

multi-family homes


Vienna / Austria


Manfred Seidl


This project represents the first realised example of the so called »SMART Housing Programme« initiated by the City of Vienna to improve the quality of affordable living. A high level of everyday functionality is combined with a very favourable equity and low rents. The units are very compact and yet offer a generous spatial experience. The generic structure of the building allows for a high degree of flexibility for the creation of different apartment types. An interactive internet platform enabled users to participate in the design process by selecting their favourite apartment types. The results led to the final floor plan composition of the entire residential building. The urban linear volume is given an individualised look with a high identification value through a varied balcony structure on the street side and colourful and diverse access balconies facing the courtyard. The courtyard balconies integrate several common spaces on each floor such as laundry rooms, children’s playrooms, storage spaces for prams and bikes, and semi-private terraces open for interpretation by their users. This improves the spatial quality of the semi-private areas and stimulates interaction between the neighbours.