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Trikot Office

best architects 18

office/administrative buildings


Munich / Germany


Michael Heinrich


Where the Munich-Salzburg railway line cuts diagonally through the urban fabric of Munich, a clear high point has now been set. The tower creates an iconic landmark highlighting the relationship of the area to the city and particularly the inner city. The orthogonal structure, in connection with the significant height differences of the terrain, has led to a floor plan and cross-section that generate a complex sequence of widely varying exterior spaces. The inner courtyard assumes the role of the central distributor of traffic and meeting place. Under the name »TRIKOT«, the building has established an attractive address for a large number of tenants as well as shops and a restaurant on the ground floor. The uniform design of the foyers underscores the building’s distinctive branding.  


The relatively narrow façade module of 120 centimetres inspired a vertically articulated facade. The façade reflects the dynamics of traffic, because at this busy intersection people do not calmly contemplate the building but instead move past it at different speeds. In the process, a fine optical wave effect is perceived by the varying depths of the vertical ribs. The effect is powerful enough to make the building memorable and yet subtle enough to remain interesting in the long run.