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Court building

best architects 18

office/administrative buildings


Payerne / Switzerland


Thomas Telley


The new seat of the Arbitration Court and the Debt Enforcement Office is situated in a row of houses directly in the historical city centre, on a narrow, deep plot between two firewalls. 

Two “building sections” develop from the two adjoining streets into the depth of the plot and are connected to an access area, while being “separated” by an inner courtyard. Above the entrance from the front street, a skylit hall with a spacious staircase is situated centrally on the lowest level for communal public uses. Above it, the Arbitration Court and the Debt Enforcement Office are separated by each “house” and accessed by a rear private entrance. The entrances split the public and internal accesses of the two street façades and enhance the presence required on both street façades. 


By interpreting the heterogeneous architectural context , the appearance of the new building is reserved, but nevertheless integrated into the row of houses in an independent way. Various building elements that exist there are picked up on and expressed in a contemporary way with respect to the materials. The roof form basically follows the existing order, but is placed over both “houses” and covers the courtyard to support the development’s unity. The building’s durable, sustainable materials strengthen the inner urban context and continue the expression of public buildings.