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Anneliese Brost Musikforum Ruhr

best architects 18

public buildings


Bochum / Germany


Brigida González


Two new buildings now flank the church, holding a concert hall and another hall for mixed use. The result is a new ensemble that shows respect for the church while integrating it into a new urban landmark. The church is also the functional heart of the music forum, serving as main entrance and foyer. The chief factor governing the design of the concert and event halls was the desire for a direct, almost intimate connection between orchestra and audience, the kind of relationship exemplified by the Bochum Symphony Orchestra and its listeners. To achieve this closeness, the audience area is divided into several small units more typical of a »vineyard-style« concert hall. These units surround the stage on all sides, generating several »first rows« and thus a feeling of proximity to the stage and the sound. The slightly concentric contour of the choir balcony, stage and parterre further supports the desired intimacy of the performances.