Bajet Giramé: Home in Mitre - best architects 18 in Gold
Bajet Giramé: Home in Mitre - best architects 18 in Gold
Bajet Giramé: Home in Mitre - best architects 18 in Gold

Bajet Giramé

Home in Mitre

best architects 18 in Gold

interior work


Barcelona / Spain


José Hevia


The project consisted of remaking a 1970s apartment in Barcelona. The former spaces were based on programmatic requirements, resulting in a series of small rooms and corridors with predefined functions. Those spaces were shaped by non-load-bearing walls, given the apartment’s »properly modern« free plan. However, columns, beams and slabs were concealed within the internal partitions as shameful bones.  


Grundriss 1970, Home in Mitre, Bajet Giramé
floor plan 1970
Grundriss nach Umbau, Home in Mitre, Bajet Giramé
refurbished floor plan

The aim of the project was to remake the apartment, with significant setting and character changes. This would be achieved two-fold: by unveiling the hidden qualities of the 70s architecture and by defining a new series of suggestive settings. 

Home in Mitre, Bajet Giramé

The project acknowledges the former idea of the free plan, but exposes it »as found«, leaving its (»modern«) steel columns and beams freestanding with their rough welds, as well as uncovering the (traditional) gentle ceiling vaults. It thus enhances very specific qualities of the construction means used in the 1970s in Barcelona. This way, an »infrastructural space« is defined, as a permanent envelope in which smaller and temporary interventions will arrange »inhabitable settings«. A series of timber pieces are displayed within that envelope, stressing the divorce between space and structure. Their shape, size and material qualities suggest places to be lived in, from the sheltered interior of a panelled room to the gathering central space of the house. 

Axonometrie, Home in Mitre, Bajet Giramé
axonometric view

bajet giramé

Bajet Giramé was established by Pau Bajet and Maria Giramé in 2016 after working together several years at David Chipperfield Architects on major residential, cultural and commercial projects in New York and London. The studio, currently focused on projects at a range of scales and uses, is based both in Barcelona and London. 

Bajet Biramé Studio
maria giramé and pau bajet