Aeschlimann Hasler Partner: Neubau Bettenhaus Stadtspital Triemli Zürich - best architects 18

Aeschlimann Hasler Partner

Neubau Bettenhaus Stadtspital Triemli Zürich

best architects 18

public buildings


Zurich / Switzerland


Ralph Feiner


(Office: formerly Aeschlimann Prêtre Hasler Architekten) 


The new ward block enlarges Triemli City Hospital, built four decades ago. Through its positioning, the new building enters into an intriguing dialogue with the existing volumes of the clinic and administration wings and the main building. With their volumetric and tectonic differences, the buildings stand as independent witnesses of their different eras, and yet their external spatial relationships merge them into a coherent new ensemble. The new ward block was designed with a finely nuanced structure enveloped in a functional and spatially efficient outer layer. This façade with its geometrically varied glass bands with different coatings breaks up the massive volume and lends it an elegant and vibrant expression. The interiors offer a great deal of transparency to the outside world. Natural light falls through emergency staircases placed directly on the façade into the corridors inside, allowing for unobstructed vistas that aid orientation on the floors. The patient rooms face east and west, with floor-to-ceiling windows that give patients a good view of the city or Uetliberg hill. The interior materials, clay ceilings and linoleum flooring, are in warm tones that create a cosy atmosphere.