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Bruneck Climbing Centre

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Bruneck / Italy


Rene Riller


The Climbing Centre in Bruneck is probably the first one in the world to be designed specifically as a school sport facility. The centre is big enough to be used by several groups at the same time. The design envisages an uninterrupted spatial sequence whose different sections vary in terms of height and breadth, arranged around the courtyard and the outdoor climbing area, which they define as premium exterior spaces. While the outside façade of the building forms a solid wall, the internal partitions and the façade towards the courtyard are all made of glass. From the courtyard, visitors enter the climbing centre via the lobby, situated prominently between the lead climbing area and the training area, from which it is separated by internal glass partitions. The lobby houses the cash desk, refreshments counter, rental desk and an office space. On one side, a staircase provides a link to the other levels, while on the other a gallery forming part of the refreshments area offers fascinating views onto the training areas, which are equipped with LED ceilings designed by the architects. Although the design is highly distinctive, clear topographic references mean that the building integrates well with the surrounding landscape. A limited palette of details and materials was used: the solid shell of the building is made of bush-hammered seamless poured-in-place concrete made with a natural aggregate of local limestone. The roof is interpreted as a fifth façade.