Mirko Franzoso architetto: New community centre in Caltron - best architects 17

Mirko Franzoso architetto

New community centre in Caltron

best architects 17

public buildings


Caltron / Italy


Mariano Dallago


The project that won the invited competition open to designers under 35 gave birth to a new community centre in the village of Caltron in Cles. This place is a meeting point for the inhabitants, where children, youth, adults and seniors can come together and forge a community identity where their life stories intersect. With this aim in mind, the functions accommodate the needs of both children and the elderly and are accessible to all. The new building bridges the historic town and the rural landscape, but at the same time arises as a limit to the expansion of the town and the indiscriminate abuse of land. All the architectural choices are based on the centre’s important social role and its specific context. The building is proportionate to its surroundings, ensuring the continuity of the urbanisation of the small town. Contemporary architecture becomes part of the landscape here, forming a congenial addition for the inhabitants.