VON M: Children's and family centre Ludwigsburg-Poppenweiler - best architects 17


Children's and family centre Ludwigsburg-Poppenweiler

best architects 17

education buildings


Ludwigsburg / Germany




Zooey Braun


The project involved converting an existing residential building and adding a new building to accommodate a children’s and family centre for the Poppenweiler district of Ludwigsburg. Functional areas were developed on 1,425 sqm for children aged 0 to 6 years – a dining area and kitchen, administrative and utility rooms, and rooms for counselling parents and for events. The existing solid masonry structure was stripped down to its supports, reducing it to a clear cubature to create a solid, massive stucco building. The new building on the other hand speaks its own contemporary language, while its proportions and materials take up motifs from its surroundings. As a timber structure, it stands in distinct contrast to the heritage building, thus alluding to the alternating surfaces of the adjacent buildings. Despite the clear demarcation between the new and old buildings with their different materials and construction, the complex confidently asserts itself within the heterogeneous environment, consciously picking up and reinterpreting its rural character. The differentiation of the two parts is also reflected in the interior. In the new building, all surfaces are executed in pale, varnished three-layer spruce panels, so that a bright, friendly and spacious atmosphere is created. The design of the rooms is determined by the use of light, the differentiation of functions, clear structures, reduction and discipline in connection with the sensitive treatment of details.