Arnold / Werner: Ice cream parlour / Schellingstraße - best architects 17

Arnold / Werner

Ice cream parlour / Schellingstraße

best architects 17

interior work


Munich / Germany


Simon Burko & Tuulikki Jäger


The project took a centrally located but sterile-feeling shop in Munich’s Maxvorstadt and turned it into a bright and inviting ice cream parlour with a street counter. The sober-looking premises were rearranged and given a fresh look using warm materials such as ashwood, brass and surfaces lacquered in coral-red. The central design element is trim made of rows of ashwood slats with a triangular cross-section that are painted on one side. Depending on the viewing angle, a coloured pattern thus plays across their surfaces, the coral alternating with the pale ashwood. The front of the counter, the shelves attached to the back wall and the edges of the round tabletops are covered in brass sheeting. Small brass pins are positioned on the wooden backrests of the ashwood benches to hold the leather straps of the cushions, which are made of a two-tone woven fabric from Kvadrat, with contrasting piping. All other furniture such as side tables and a railing made of metal rods set at angles was also designed and executed by A/W. The former fixed glazing looking onto the street was replaced by floor-to-ceiling windows, and the entire floor was covered in a light grey screed. Contrasting with this reserved surface, the ceiling is painted in bright yellow stripes running at a 45-degree angle from the door into the room, guiding customers into the ice cream parlour.