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Philipp Architekten

»LINGNER.WERK 1« mobile office extension

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The brief was to develop an innovative concept for modular buildings for the digital agency and creative consultancy LINGNER.COM, which is based in the listed Villa Mertz in Heilbronn. The first step was conceiving the architectural highlight LINGNER.WERK 1 – a unique contrast between contemporary and classic. The extension realised by Philipp Architekten, which the growing company will immediately start using as an additional work space and think tank, stands out with its black exterior and modern modular design from the heritage building, while on the interior it has a creative and rustic workshop character. At the same time, the extension returns the building to its structural origins back in 1811 by closing a gap left over from the reconstruction period following the Second World War. »Extending a beautiful property like Villa Mertz is a special challenge: on the one hand with respect to the overall historical image, which must remain coherent, and on the other due to the necessity of obtaining municipal approval,« says architect Anna Philipp. Inside, the seating and workplaces in the new space are deliberately designed for flexible use: as a think tank, a meeting room or even a retreat. »The idea was to create a holistic spatial experience,« explains Anna Philipp. »Floor, ceiling, walls, tables and every other piece of furniture in the room is made of OSB panels, a very simple, but genuine material. One enters a very calm room whose impact is based on the spatial qualities alone, like sculpture crafted from a single material.«