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Limbrock · Tubbesing Architekten und Stadtplaner

Studentisches Wohnen am Schellerdamm

best architects 17

multi-family homes


Hamburg / Germany


Sebastian Glombik


The building complex, divided into individual volumes by means of open staircases, fits in perfectly with the scale of the historical buildings in its urban surroundings. Particularly noteworthy in this respect is the analogue interaction with the former warehouse buildings across the street on Schellerdamm. On the courtyard side, the building is accessed via a spatially differentiated series of covered walkways. The kitchens, as central common rooms for the apartments shared by four students each, open up here generously to the circulation areas, which are designed to promote communication. Due to a tight budget, only a few distinctive design details characterise the complex. The specially made square ceramic tiles do not attempt to imitate masonry and yet lend the building an impression of durability and a strong presence. The effort has succeeded to subtly address the austerity arithmetic of a show façade on the street side and thermal insulation panels at the rear. At the interfaces between inside and outside as well as in the window embrasures, plaster surfaces and the ceramic façade abut each other directly. With the addition of finely detailed wooden windows, the façade takes on an elegant appearance.