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Technical School of Automotive Engineering

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Connolly Weber


In the new building for the Technical School at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences, the automotive engineering course and the Vehicle Engineering Research Institute will be merged under one roof. Intensive cooperation between business and science is especially important in the field of automotive engineering and should be fostered. For this reason, the Technical School must, beyond the obviously necessary functionality, also take on a representative function. The building’s shell was thus given a striking form and expression that deliberately evokes associations with vehicle and machine parts. A lightly polished aluminium cladding was chosen as the façade material. The glazing of the doors on the ground floor and the windows on the upper level is meant to approximate the colour tone and the appearance of the closed elements and is thus lightly tinted and mirrored. The Technical School radiates openness and innovation, and gives the Department of Automotive Engineering an unmistakable face.