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Hochleitner detached house

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Embach / Austria


Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel


The plot on the edge of the town, rising to the north-west, is located at the end of a residential street. The surrounding development is characterised by typical rural vernacular architecture. The client asked for an intimate and modest building that offered a place to retreat from his public life. Rather than showy architecture, reduction and clarity of form in the context of the surroundings (rural structures) were to be the watchwords. The house is compact and stands confidently on the slope. The clarity of the form is supported by the simplicity of the wooden façade, allowing the building to blend into the surrounding countryside. The deep openings create different views and opportunities for a variety of uses in the various areas. The room sequences are zoned by changes in level and built-in furniture and platforms. These installations form the central design element in the building, providing plenty of space for the owner’s library. Everyday functions such as kitchen, closet, bathroom, toilet and fireplace find space in the exterior shell.