Marques Architekten: Überbauung Rotmatt - best architects 17

Marques Architekten

Überbauung Rotmatt

best architects 17

multi-family homes


Meggen / Switzerland


Ruedi Walti


The Rotmatt neighbourhood along Fridolin-Hofer-Straße is composed of a pragmatic row of apartment houses built in the 1960s. The potential of the new housing can be gauged by the relative proximity to the town centre as well as the lake. The generous park-like grounds and villas in the surrounding area along with the adjacent former fishing village bring an exciting heterogeneity to the neighbourhood. Mountain vistas and a partial view of the lake also contribute to the atmosphere here. Despite the maximum utilisation of space intended, the proposed housing typology aims for the greatest possible openness and generously sized green areas. This is made possible through three compact residential buildings, each with three wings. The shape of the volumes prevents the formation of parallel faces with the existing buildings while simultaneously allowing them to be permeated by the landscape, as well as creating appropriate distances to the neighbouring structures. The intentional difference in the morphology of the complex from that which went before and the atmosphere of a lush, green upscale neighbourhood change the quality of the existing residential street, lending it a new identity.