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BEHF Ebner Hasenauer Ferenczy

NWW Neue Wiener Werkstätte

best architects 17

interior work


Vienna / Austria



Rupert Steiner


The well-established company Neue Wiener Werkstätte displays its diversity of skills in the art of refined furnishings in its newly remodelled 500 sqm store. The architects have created a »building in a building« by combining high-quality craftsmanship with contemporary design through the use of exclusive furnishings in the tradition of its historic predecessor. The core elements consist of a ceiling-height yellow »inhabited wall« dividing the entire floor into inner and outer areas – into apparently private and public spaces. Various spatial arrangements on the inside of the wall display different forms of habitation, from hotel room to private bedroom, from kitchen to living room. The treatment of the outside of the wall in turn demonstrates the craftsmanship and its numerous configuration possibilities: rusticated walls form part of a façade with fenestration, turn into a piece of specialist built-in furniture or cater to individual solutions for discerning customers. The simultaneous abstraction of these worlds through the fluid transition from the traditional to the modern is reflected in the bright yellow of the wall. The sunny yellow hue, symbolising energy, good fortune and harmony, radiates well beyond the store. Exploring the yellow wall constitutes one of the special attractions of the new flagship store while offering a pleasurable discovery of Viennese charm in the design field, eventually taking the visitor to the different life/work zones within the inhabited wall.