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Frauenfeld Hospital parking facility

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Frauenfeld / Switzerland


Roger Frei


In the course of the expansion of Frauenfeld Hospital, the parking situation on the grounds had to be reorganised. The new parking facility borders the hospital to the south-east. The ground floor, the only part of the structure visible from the hospital, forms together with the integrated ambulance parking a distinct boundary to the grounds. The structure is optimally embedded in the slope, with the entire roof elevation covered in earth. The location of the car park and its positioning in the slope allow the people who are staying in the hospital an unobstructed view toward the south-east. For the higher-lying residential areas behind the structure, it is not even perceptible as a building. The car park has 426 spaces. The ramp system is located on the south-eastern side, ensuring an easily readable structure with open, clearly arranged parking levels and leaving space for a central access core for visitors. This is positioned at ground level in such a way that visitors can walk to or from the hospital without having to cross vehicle traffic. Traffic is routed efficiently through the lateral ramp system, which receives natural light through large round skylights.