ARGE Marques Bühler: Château Gütsch – Gütschbahn - best architects 17

ARGE Marques Bühler

Château Gütsch – Gütschbahn

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Luzern / Switzerland


Ruedi Walti


The project tackles the issue of the overlap and meeting point of three different means of transportation: the Gütschbahn funicular, the Gotthard railway which runs above it, and Baselstraße, the main road into Lucerne. As entrance to the funicular, an open space has been created in the cityscape, taking shape as a sheltered plaza on Baselstraße. The actual station building consists physically of the bridgeheads and railway line with the addition of a large panel of white exposed concrete. This panel functions as a projection screen for the role of station façade while filling the negative space left by the demolition. The white shade of the concrete structure and the choice of round cobblestones for the floor make reference to the white Château Gütsch and its courtyard.