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Eglin Schweizer Architekten

Newly built Kindergarten Zelgli West

best architects 17

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Untersiggenthal / Switzerland



Thomas Aus der Au


Together with the existing double kindergarten, the new Kindergarten Zelgli West completes the complex through its form and placement. The common rooms face south onto the playground and enjoy ideal lighting conditions. The kindergarten is accessed directly from the neighbourhood street through a small forecourt. The new building echoes but reinterprets the roof shape and materials of the existing double kindergarten. The folding of the roof and the different depths of the floor plan result in a unique form that leaves plenty of room for interpretation and identification by the children and staff. The building could be a »fish« or a »butterfly«, perhaps even a »snake with an elephant in its stomach«... In this way, the new kindergarten takes on its own identity. The external metal cladding of the timber structure forms a protective, sensual skin. The inspirational shape and the windows at different heights lend the building a playfulness befitting a kindergarten.