ARGE Meyer Stegemann / Hunkeler Hürzeler: New Zelgli double kindergarten - best architects 17

ARGE Meyer Stegemann / Hunkeler Hürzeler

New Zelgli double kindergarten

best architects 17

education buildings


Kleinandelfingen / Switzerland


Hannes Henz


The new Zelgli double kindergarten was built to replace the existing single-class kindergarten from the 1950s. With its idiosyncratic geometry, the one-storey pavilion responds to its peripheral position on the edge of the village while seeking a connection with the adjacent open landscape and garden rather than with the existing buildings. The established, coherent ensemble thus remains intact. The new kindergarten’s three similar saddle roofs do however strike up a dialogue with the adjacent structures. The north-south alignment enables an optimal orientation for the two main spaces and their corresponding group rooms towards three directions. With the placement of the building at the plot’s centre of gravity, generously sized outdoor spaces remain for playgrounds on all sides of the building. The entire kindergarten is built on a floor plan in the shape of an isosceles triangle. This design evolved from the shape of the plot but also from the recognition of the potential it harbours for diverse spatial qualities. Inspiring spaces for the children to spend time and play in have resulted. The external appearance of the building is characterised by a glazed, indigo blue brick façade, which changes its look with the changing daylight and complements the green of the surrounding countryside. The large windows ensure optimal daylight inside and a strong connection to the outdoor space.