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Motorway maintenance depot Salzburg

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commercial/industrial buildings


Salzburg / Austria


Marc Lins


The concept for the new motorway maintenance depot was influenced in large part by its connection to the motorway. The facility is nestled in the sloping plain of the north-eastern quadrant. The driveway is on the north-western side of the site, with a gently sloping ramp leading to the level of the existing underpass. The individual buildings together form a clearly structured ensemble. Four volumes, each with different functional areas, are grouped around a spacious courtyard. The deliberately placed interruptions create sightlines out onto the surroundings while producing interesting spatial sequences. An enclosed courtyard ensures an ideal overview within the complex and prevents the noise of operations from affecting the neighbours. 25-metre-high salt silos stand like towers at the centre of the complex. The appearance of the maintenance depot is dominated by the interplay of concrete, glass and aluminium. The reinforced concrete building was engineered to have the fewest possible components. The flexible basic configuration allows for many possibilities for changes in use and layout. The office tract was fitted with drywall interiors and glass panels in the façades.