Christ & Gantenbein: List Customer Center - best architects 17 in Gold

Christ & Gantenbein

List Customer Center

best architects 17 in Gold

commercial/industrial buildings


Arisdorf / Switzerland


Stefano Graziani


The Customer Center of the List company does double duty as both an industrial building where new processes are developed and tested and a reception building that offers the opportunity to present the company and its products to customers. The design for the building takes advantage of the geometry of the plot by opening up the structure to the landscape in segments like a fan, thereby creating five layers of space. On the two lower levels, the six fan-shaped load-bearing walls form the foundation for the steel-frame hall set above them. With its shiny metallic outer skin, the gate-like openings and the sawtooth roof sections set perpen-dicular to the main walls, directing daylight into the depths of the volume, the building blends into the industrial and commercial architecture of its surroundings. The large-format metal sheets cladding roof and façade are made of unfinished aluminium panels (3 mm thick). Inside, the technological analogies continue with the choice of materials: matte, metallic shades of grey are used, and the aluminium panels of the façade resurface, in some cases perforated for acoustic reasons. The linear structure of the pillars is accentuated by LED lamps, which vary in length from one to four metres. On the main entrance façade, there is an artistic intervention that showcases the company name List in big letters that can be seen far and wide across the countryside.