Baukooperative: Weinhof Scharl Lager - best architects 17


Weinhof Scharl Lager

best architects 17

commercial/industrial buildings


St. Anna / Aigen / Austria


Markus Kaiser


»The barrels need space!« 54 oak barrels are stacked atop each other in a way that enables them to be mechanically manipulated. This arrangement dictated the slope of the roof and the resulting shape of the building. The traditional pitched roof form can thus be found in this new building, but with a visibly modern twist. The building project was expanded during the design process. Rather than simply building a warehouse, an additional function was devised: a tasting room, a space within the space. The interior height allows for a second level above the bottle storeroom for this purpose, with a view of the wine barrels. Unfinished materials such as clay plaster, concrete, larchwood and aluminium sheeting were used in the interior and for the exterior skin.