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Hurst Song Architekten

Chasa Nair

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single family homes


Morissen / Switzerland


Hurst Song Architekten


The architectural concept behind the building is driven by the specific conditions of its location. Due to the steep slope, its south side appears to have three stories, while the side further up the hill has only one. The building’s structure and volumetry are based on the traditional wood barns scattered across the fields of the valley in isolation or in crowded clusters. The main façade and roof ridge are oriented at a right angle to the slope. Small overhangs on the side facing the valley dominate the volume, culminating in a slightly pitched gable roof with a protective canopy. Large window openings on the side facing the valley and the opposite uphill side contrast with the sealed façades of the other two sides. The vertical wooden front made of rough-hewn pine boards is treated with a dark linseed oil stain. On the attic storey, rigid vertical slats mounted in front of the glass pane regulate the daylight, which can be glaring at times. The residential premises extend over three floors and are connected by a central open staircase. The staircase modulates the open sequence of rooms without separation. Diagonal cut-outs in the ceiling create two-storey areas in the corners through which light filters into the living areas. The more private rooms are sheltered under the umbrella formed by the roof. On the valley side, the bedrooms are concealed from view by wooden slats. On the uphill side, a door leads from the top floor directly outside to a flat seating area.