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House G »mehr als wohnen«

best architects 17 in Gold

multi-family homes


Zurich / Switzerland


Niklaus Spoerri / Andrea Helbling


A new city district is arising at the Hunziker site in Zurich-Leutschenbach, with 13 houses and diverse green areas and open spaces. The project of the building cooperative »mehr als wohnen« (more than housing), ground-breaking both ecologically and in terms of urban development, promotes modern, sustainable forms of living and working. Haus G is set at the heart of the new district, bordering on the main square. Oversized living spaces compensate for the lack of balconies or terraces, with light brought into the deep floor plans by way of double-storey wedges cut into the volume. The new building gets its distinctive appearance from expansive windows in the living quarters, which mutually interlock to break up the rigorous structure. The ground floor accommodates generously sized spaces that open the building on all sides and are used as common rooms and commercial premises. The compact, prismatic volume lent itself to monolithic construction in insulating concrete, combined with interiors that preserve the roughness of the building shell. The single-leaf outer walls support the floor slabs, while the windows have been directly attached to the concrete wall. Recesses for sun protection, window sills and soffits were modelled out of the concrete.