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Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin Architekten

Avellana housing estate

best architects 17

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Roland Bernath


In the core area of Schwamendingen, where the Avellana housing estate is located, coherent village structures have been preserved to this day. On the perimeter of the project is a former farmstead that houses residential and commercial uses under one roof. The larger portion of the land was undeveloped and was used as a garden. This garden was set back, hidden in the second row, behind old building structures facing the street. The project takes this garden as its substantive starting point in terms of volumetry as well as architectural expression. The shape of the building also follows the lines of the two different sides of the stream and garden area, conjuring associations with organically grown structures. The new building is constructed entirely from wood, with wood siding. The floor plans of the apartments share a common structure, but all with different layouts. Following a situationally determined room concept, the design is dedicated to preserving an open and informal character.