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Dorner\Matt Architekten

St. Gallenkrich residential complex

best architects 17

multi-family homes


St. Gallenkirch / Austria


Bruno Klomfar


Variance instead of addition: On inhabiting and playing with a Rubik’s Cube / »Habitation means to experience a state of protected weakness«, according to Peter Sloterdijk, who goes on to say: »In this sense, a good home is the architectural equivalent of love – it allows you to be weak inside it without it therefore lapsing into an exaggerated pose.« Dedicating oneself to this particular brand of weakness calls for familiarity as well as empathy and generosity. Austerity or even the relinquishment of pleasure has no place here. The rooms of the apartments in the »magic cube« overlap and interlock across the storeys around a central circulation and supply core. The highly flexible floor plans result from a modular development concept. No two apartments are alike and, where needed, one can lend a room to another. It’s like playing with a Rubik’s cube – only in the opposite direction. The goal here is not spatial purity but the greatest possible diversity.