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Antonini Darmon Architects

Boulogne Arches

best architects 17

multi-family homes


Boulogne Billancourt


Benoit Fougeirol / Pierre L'Excellent / Julien Lanoo


Visible from all sides, like a sculpture set on the ground, the building evolves evenly across each façade. The arches are a contemporary interpretation of the Classical vocabulary of the former Renault factories, yet this second skin is not just a formal one; the arches in fact extend around the building, fulfilling different functions, with the accent on comfort. Each apartment enjoys a private outdoor space with long balconies that are protected by this double skin. The width of the balconies varies according to their orientation; they are narrower to the north, thus maximising illumination. To the south, east and west, however, the arches provide shade against natural overheating in summer. Despite the central location of the building, the second skin also provides privacy by preventing views into the interior. Moreover, the housing is multi-oriented, thus benefiting from natural light and solar energy throughout the day. Finally, social housing is reinvented here thanks to the unique appearance of the structure, offering 33 housing units in an encased building, a finely designed centrepiece for Macrolot B5, Boulogne.