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Eselriet Sports Centre

best architects 16

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Effretikon / Switzerland


Beat Bühler


The Eselriet Sports Centre is located in the green belt between the towns of Illnau and Effretikon. As a central venue for sport and leisure activities, the complex draws people from all over the region to the recreational area shared by the two communities. The new, freestanding building acts as a high-profile landmark that offers facilities for a wide variety of sports. The various uses have been united on three levels under one roof. At the entrance level, a visitor area elevated above the terrain forms the most public part of the building. The lobby affords visitors a good overview of the entire complex and accommodates the cashier’s desk and a restaurant as well as leading to the outdoor swimming pool and the spectator stands around the ice rink. The translucent roof above the ice rink was built in hybrid lightweight construction with membranes stretched between steel supports.