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House of Switzerland

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The »House of Switzerland« is a mobile pavilion that is used to represent Switzerland on diplomatic missions to far-flung destinations. With wood chosen as material, it traces an arc from traditional building to ultramodern timber engineering. Made of 193 largely modular elements, the structure has a tectonic look and feel. Four archaic, radially arranged volumes linked by metal elements frame an inner courtyard. Structurally functional red straps evoke associations with stacks of wood or cargo shipments. The image of the bound parcel was the key concept behind the design. It stands symbolically for Switzerland, which consists of many different regions, languages and cantons. The dimensions of the prefabricated wooden elements were chosen for ease of transport: the entire construction kit fits in fourteen trucks. On site, the individual elements are put together in less than two weeks – mounted on foundations, set up, interconnected and bolted together. The result is a well-travelled, mobile house for Switzerland.