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Three-Family Home in Oberieden

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Oberrieden / Switzerland


Ralph Feiner


Integrated into the town’s ensemble of historic buildings, the three-family home has the look of a self-assured building block in the core zone of Oberrieden. Given the mix of mostly light-coloured stone buildings and dark wooden barns that is still typical of the area, the choice was made to build a house with a similar volumetry in timber construction. Through a bend in its longitudinal side, the building optimally brings views and sunshine indoors into the living quarters. The staircase inserted at the bend was made of exposed concrete for fire protection. Around this core are arranged prefabricated, rough-hewn wooden elements with visible nailed joints. The façade is made up of alternating vertical clapboards treated with pigmented linseed oil. Thanks to the open spatial concept, the apartments are suitable for various uses and lifestyles. Polished and oiled dark brown anhydrite screed flooring lends a warm and inviting atmosphere to the flats with their unfinished wood walls and ceilings.