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Domus Technica – centre for advanced training

best architects 16

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Brescello / Reggio Emilia / Italy


Roland Halbe


As a new showcase for the company, the building is aligned with the front entry of the existing offices and yet figures as an isolated and prismatic block. It produces all the energy for its own needs as well as contributing excess energy to the existing office building thanks to the operation of the different technologies on display. Leaning on a »heavy base«, the translucent compact volume is inspired by the industrial orientation of the region while also projecting a refined and evocative image of the »technical site«. In the centre of a spacious atrium – open to the surrounding landscape – the technological showroom, dedicated to the theme of energy storage, represents »the heart of the machine«. In the evenings, a lighting system (powered entirely by energy produced by the photovoltaic panels) transforms the building into a body of light, an emblem of energy production and control – suggesting an innovative yet sober idea of sustainable architecture.