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Los Limoneros

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Bruno Helbling


Inspired by the Andalusian location, the idea behind the concept was outdoor living all year round. To ensure the residents’ privacy, the architects enclosed the garden behind a high wall. This wall forms a peripheral zone housing the living spaces, which communicate with the private garden in the middle. Above the living areas is a patio house – a house over a garden. Accommodating a family with two children as well as two guestrooms, the house has a total of 480 square metres of indoor living space. A covered section of the living area can be closed off with sliding glass doors and heated if necessary. The private rooms are located on the first floor, with a perforated stone wall around the courtyard letting filtered light into the circulation areas between them. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and terrace. Echoing the Moorish architecture of the Andalusian courtyard houses, the residence with its white plaster façades resembles a cubic sculpture.