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Regional youth centre / Hollabrunn

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Hollabrunn / Austria


kurt kuball


The Regional Youth Centre joins an ensemble that has grown up here over the years, made up of administration buildings, school, chapel, utilitity buildings and training workshops (hairdresser, laundry, teaching kitchen, restaurant, nursery). The placement of the new building zones the grounds into a southern recreational area in the existing park and a northern commercial area with vegetable gardens. The meandering floor plan meshes the building with its environment and forms protected courtyards and terraces on two levels. Functional areas on the ground floor are lined up in accordance with the need for openness or privacy, starting with the dining room and adjoining kitchen at the front of the building and ending in the rear with a quieter section for special residential groups. Three general tenant groups have first-floor accommodations arranged in a manner that can be read on the exterior. In the main building from the 19th century, the administrative offices on the ground floor were enlarged and reorganised, while upstairs the living units for two groups were adapted to today’s requirements.