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Wohnprojekt Wien

best architects 16

multi-family homes


Vienna / Austria


Hertha Hurnaus


The cooperative building project comprises 40 residential units, 350 sqm of commercial space and 700 sqm of common areas. At the heart of the project is a self-organised community and the idea of developing a sustainable way of life in the city. The building has six storeys of apartments and a staircase conducive to informal encounters. In addition to structural measures such as controlled room ventilation and photovoltaic panels, the broad view of sustainability here also includes car sharing, a shopping cooperative and vegetable gardens. With a function room and a lounge on the park side, the project reaches out to its surroundings. Co-determination was ensured from the start using innovative methods, the participatory planning process extending from urban development considerations to electrical sockets. The result: 40 individually planned units that are as diverse as their residents. Shared spaces such as a kitchen, children’s playroom, workshops, sauna and guest apartments entice people out of their flats to take part in an active community.