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adidas north-east car park

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Zurich / Switzerland



Brigida Gonzalez


The adidas Group is expanding its headquarters according to the »World of Sports« master plan developed by agps architecture. The buildings are loosely arranged on a site dotted with groves of trees and display a variety of autonomous and high-impact architectural languages. The clear-cut geometries of the individual volumes come together to form an expansive ensemble. The car park is designed around efficiently laid out diagonal parking spaces within a trapezoidal volume that is set at a slight angle to the main thoroughfare. This ensures that the main focus is toward the campus interior while also enhancing the building’s object-like profile. A permeable skin made of bent perforated metal panels has a reflectiveness and transparency that lends the structure a continually changing appearance depending on the fall of light and time of day. The six-storey building measures approximately 115 x 70 x 20 meters and offers 43,000 square meters of floor space accommodating some 1,500 parking spaces, room for around 100 bicycles as well as changing rooms and ancillary rooms on the ground floor.