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Single-family home in Castasegna

best architects 16

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Castasegna / Switzerland


Ralph Feiner


The project deals with the theme of building on a slope. Several transitions between indoors and outdoors are created on the various levels. The building has a compact, narrow and elongated shape. Its embedding in the hillside is highlighted by the slope of the roof, which »rises up« in front to lend the main façade slimmer proportions. The various façades are articulated by window openings in different sizes, proportionally related. The building derives its expressiveness from materials that flicker in the light, based on a single-layer of »hand-applied« washed render made up of lime mortar, cement and gravel. On the interior, the stairs and hallway form a »cavity« that provides access to the entire length and height of the building. Despite the simple layout and the modest dimensions of the rooms, a strong architectural and spatial impact is achieved through the linear alignment in the house, which is further enhanced by the lighting concept. Reduced to the essentials, the building evokes the archetype of the »stout« wall. This consists of a single component, which performs both a structural and insulating function. Fair-faced concrete was used for the ceilings, with floors of oiled floating screed. The kitchen in black in-situ concrete is conceived as a »workshop«. The limited budget restricted neither the architectural quality and composition nor the execution of the details and the craftsmanship.