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Riegler Riewe Architekten

New Car Park P1

best architects 16

infrastructure buildings


Hamburg / Germany


Ute Zscharnt


The project known as the »Kleine Mandel« is a large car park for 2,782 vehicles at the entrance to the central area of the Hamburg Airport terminal. Key design parameters were the integration of the building into the structures on site, its typological positioning and architectural profile as a distinctive freestanding structure, and an optimal ratio of parking spaces to area required and construction costs. The five-storey car park with six levels of parking takes the form of a triangle with rounded corners and high recognition value, which is carefully embedded in the environment. The specific shape of an isosceles triangle enables efficient construction through recurring components and a comparatively small footprint for the necessary parking spaces. This leaves room for a generously sized inner courtyard, which ensures sufficient ventilation and daylight and thus eliminates the need for mechanical ventilation and minimises the use of artificial light, which in turn facilitates orientation in the building.