Peter Kunz Architektur mit Atelier Strut: Sky-Frame Headquarters - best architects 16

Peter Kunz Architektur mit Atelier Strut

Sky-Frame Headquarters

best architects 16

commercial/industrial buildings


Frauenfeld / Switzerland



Claudia Luperto


»Open system« was already designated as a planning tool in the competition. By designing an open floor plan in the centre of the building complex, which accommodates production on the ground floor, finishing on the first, and administration and planning on the second, maximum flexibility of use was achieved. A brise-soleil with integrated planting troughs was set before the glazed south façade, forming a filter between the indoor and outdoor spaces that obscures the view out the windows of the neighbouring buildings. The plantings alternate between flowering and growth phases, enlivening the façade as the seasons change. On the north façade, mullion and beam construction with fixed glazing offers maximum transparency and lends the building a high-tech, modern and timeless look – just like the windows produced by Sky-Frame, which dissolve the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. The new headquarters thus creates an atmosphere that breathes the spirit of the Sky-Frame products.